I just took these pics in my backyard. The sun come up right now, and the light is so gold. I watch the sunrise through my window every morning. This is a blessing from God. :)

Most csináltam ezeket a képeket ebben a pillanatban a kertben. Épp jön fel a nap, és a fények gyönyörűek. MInden reggel látom a napfelkeltét az ablakomból, itt ülök és pont a szemem előtt jön fel minden áldott nap. A Jó Isten áldása ez, nagyon hálás vagyok érte.:)


Fall, fall and fall again...

It's beautiful here. Seriously!  I love it :D:D I think, this is the best place in the world at this time of the year.



TGA is my... I don't know in English who he is. My father in law's brother... He's THE artist in the family. And once... a long time ago (not that long :)) he saw one of mine pics, and he liked it. That meant a lot to me, and I started to take up photography. Yes, it is important to me what he says. So after this I learned a lot about the photography, I read a lot and I keep learning and reading, because I like it. Every article, every photo shoot bring me closer to a better picture, a better composition, a better color...

Anyway, we were at the beach last weekend  :) and on the way home we stopped at Savannah. It's a beautiful little town. I saw a sign... and I thought he would like it. We'll see if he sees the message :D:D

That's for him.



At the Beach

We were at the beach on Sunday. It was a great day. Great weather, great mood, great kids... :) We had to drive 4 hours to the beach and 4 hours back, but it worth every sec. :)


Photo Club Assignment - Oct

"Submit two photos shot INDOORS. One of the photos should be taken WITH a flash and the other one should be shot WITHOUT a flash."This is my 'homework' for this month. I tried a couple of compositions but I'm not 100% satisfied yet... Here are my best shots:


Photo Workshop

Thanks Marchet! I had a great afternoon today. I met great photographers. I took a lot of good pictures and I learned a lot! :)))) We had two extremely cute models. They were beautiful and absolutely pros. Thanks for their patience.
I show you a before/after version, you can decide which one is the better.The end of the session the models grab the camera too :D:D

And here just a few results, because I could hardly choose from them :D



I love fall, especially here in Georgia. It's sooo beautiful outside. The weather is perfect, the sun is soo bright. Everything's getting colorful. Every day is a blessing until the winter comes. I have to take a ton of pictures. If anybody wants to have their pictures taken, just let me know. The best time for shooting is this time, every shootless day is just a big waste of my time.


Just out in the Backyard

A long time ago was the last post I wrote. I hadn't had the mood... Anyway...BUT I took a couple of pictures today in our backyard in the morning. The kids had a lot of fun, the weather was awesome, and I enjoyed every sec.

Nagyon régen tettem már fel képeket. Nem igazán volt affinitásom hozzá. Na mindegy! Ma reggel gyönyörű őszi idő volt, és a gyermekek meg voltak őrülve bent. Nem is csodálom :) Orditott a napsütés, hogy menjünk már kifele. Csak úgy mellékesen vittem a kamerámat is. Hát ez sült ki belőle :) Nagyon jól éreztük magunkat, ennél sokkal sokkal több JÓ kép sikeredett, csak idő hiányában, nem tudtam még szerkeszteni őket.

PS.: I have the MOST beautiful and MOST awesome kids ever. What more can I say :D:D Let see the pics!